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Workshops and health seminars

Please contact us for the next available life changing seminar in your area! Cathy teaches group and corporate workshops by request.


Access Consciousness Bars Workshop

How much could you benefit from having more energy, clarity, creativity, restful sleep, and less stress, anxiety, tension and overwhelm? All this, and more, is possible with the gentle body therapy called ACCESS Bars™! Learning the Bars is easy, and requires no prior experience. You will receive hands on experience as practitioner and receiver. It’s ideal for health and wellness practitioners, as well as anyone simply desiring greater ease in living!

Allergy Seminar

Do you have seasonal allergies, or food and environmental sensitivities?  Are you restricting your diet and still not feeling well?  Do you feel embarrassed in social situations when you have to avoid certain foods, odors, items or activities due to reactions you cannot control? In this workshop you will learn principles and  tools for supporting your immune system and handling your sensitivities with ease.

Bones for Life® Workshop

What if you can improve your bone health, release limiting habits of movement, and re-discover a more supple, youthful, vital you with ease? Would You Like to feel more connected and comfortable with your body?  “This type of exercise is pain free, brilliant, and it works!” – Andrew Weil, MD

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes

Awareness Through Movement Classes

Students describe Cathy as enthusiastic, wise, fun, knowledgeable, creative, patient and kind with an engaging sense of humour.

Let’s Move Studio
831 Victoria Street
(Entrance and free parking at rear of building.)

Tuesday’s 12:05pm – 12:50pm

$13.00 drop in fee. Punch-card options are available.
First class in complimentary.

For more information please visit Let’s Move Studio.

Feldenkrais Golf Workshop

Unleash the Perfect Golfer within You! The revolutionary, gentle and easy way to retain your brain and your body to change patterns of pain and recurring injury. At this workshop you’ll gain more balance, centre stance, a more powerful swing, a more efficient, easier, shot, and better flexibility, mobility and ease. “After only a couple of sessions I felt more flexibility in my hips and shoulders and my drive improved significantly in distance and accuracy.” – Dave I. Kamloops, BC

Mindful Eating Seminar

Well, firstly it is not about dieting, cutting calories, ph balance, blood type,  GMO’s, toxins, additives and supplements.

This course is about coming to a deep understanding of our habits surrounding food. Most of us are steeped in survival instincts when it comes to eating.  We devour our food, hardly tasting it, deriving little or no pleasure and not even knowing when we have had enough.

Through gentle, guiding tasting with full awareness and attention,  we find simple and profound pleasure from eating less.  We create new habits based on pleasure not judgement, deprivation, or struggle.

When you eat for pure pleasure and sensation you will be in the moment, in the Now – a state we all strive for.  What occurs is a deep satisfaction with the self and a sense of fullness which results in eating less and gaining more nourishment and wisdom from eat bite.

Practicing mindful eating creates wonderful lifelong benefits such as weight loss, better health, more enjoyment and pleasure, feelings of fullness and satiety,  and ultimately more self-compassion – How does it get any better than that?

(See blog article “Mindfulness…One Bite At a Time“)

Monthly Health Seminar

Using a non medical paradigm, Cathy explains the role that energy and energy testing plays in helping you get to the underlying cause of your health concerns with certainty, whether they are difficult and chronic cases or you simply have questions about which supplements and what dose to take.  The most popular comment she receives after each seminar is “Everyone should hear this.”  

Nurture your Garden, Nurture Yourself Workshop

Do you have aches, pains and frustration gardening? Bring Your tools and your aching body and learn to Garden with Ease and Joy! This workshop is based on the Feldenkrais Method of Awareness Through Movement® ‘”I didn’t realize how I was abusing my body while taking very good care of my garden. Learning to use the tools differently was fun! ….I can get out of bed the next day without pain or stiffness!“ – Karen M.

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“I felt fat, sluggish and was eating poorly.  I am energized lost weight, feel so healthy!  I’m enlightened more using herbs on my vegetables and I really like the Whey Protein.” – Donna W