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Cathy Lidster,

and Natural Health Practitioner

“It’s a Miracle that I Survived”

I remember that night like it was yesterday- My mother, murmuring words of comfort, snugged the wool army blanket around my shivering, pajama clad body. My father, peered intensely through the windshield at the wet dark road, seriously quiet, foot steady on the gas pedal, driving to the hospital. They had found me in bed in the middle of the night, lying in a pool of blood. My mother’s intuition saved my life that night.

Scary incidents like that were frequent in my early years as I was a sickly child, catching every bug and infection that went around. It’s a long story of drugs and hospital stays, and then finally, my exhausted liver succumbed to hepatitis A. I spent the summer in quarantine, isolated from family and friends, jaundiced and dangerously malnourished from inability to keep food down.

Wow, I marvel with gratitude that I grew into a healthy strong adult.

Perhaps those childhood experiences are what propelled me to a career in the health and wellness field as a nutritionist and therapist, way back in the early 80’s. Things went well it seemed, until, in the ’90’s I began to notice that in spite of all of my efforts people were actually getting fatter, and sicker. They were taking more drugs and doing more surgeries than ever before.

I couldn’t just stand back and watch my friends, relatives and clients continue to decline.  I had to find a different way of helping people get well.  After years of searching I finally found the answer.  It changed everything for me and my clients.  The results have been astounding!  For example:

“After 20 years of pain, my arthritis is gone! If I’d only known it was my diet all along! I could have saved thousands of dollars in medicines that didn’t work.”  – Ted Reynolds, Vice Principal

“I’ve lost inches and 11 pounds of fat, and I feel more clearheaded and alive!!” – Pam Mollohan, Mom & School Bus Driver

“I no longer have sugar cravings and my skin condition has cleared up!”  – Kelly Navarro, Health Business Owner

You should know that I don’t heal anyone of anything. What I do is perform a simple yet profoundly accurate method of muscle testing I now call “Energy Response” which is based on the ancient science of acupuncture, and modern quantum physics. And then together, we design a Personal Nutrition and Monitoring Program just for you.

The rest is up to you. Your body responds by healing itself. It knows what to do. You will feel tremendously better. It’s that simple. When you give your body exactly what it needs you can’t lose. And the side effects are wonderful.

Just last month a woman who came in for general nutrition support exclaimed that she was able to sleep all night long for the first time in living memory! Wow! The man who used to double over in pain after eating has no more need for Nexium.  And the child that no longer has chronic earaches and constipation is behaving better at school….

“I feel more rejuvenated and healthier than I’ve felt in a long time! I can tell the difference in my moods and mental health since I’ve made these whole foods a regular part of my diet.”  – Lara T