Are these 3 Factors Triggering your Seasonal Allergies?

Do you or your loved ones suffer with hay fever this time of year?  If so, perhaps you can relate to this personal story.

For four and half decades of my life, every May and June was miserable. Itchy, swollen eyes and throat, runny nose, congestion, and violent, exhaustive sneezing defined my spring season. Growing up in Kamloops while the sage brush bloomed, and the lilacs blossomed, I wilted. Treatment consisted of prescription and over the counter allergy medicines.

In my case, there was little relief with drugs, save an anti-histamine induced stupor.  I remember many vacations spent cocooned in the car while family and friends enjoyed the outdoors. The strange thing is that no matter where in the world we lived, (including Florida, Italy, and several U.S. states), and no matter what type of flora flourished, (from desert to tropical), I still had this persistent and prolonged aggravation every spring.


I was seen by a clinician who used an energy-based individualized method of allergy testing.  She found that my immune system was weakened and stressed due to poor digestion, metal toxicity, and an intolerance to wheat, rye and oats. She recommended a personal supplement program which included some specific enzymes and other targeted supplements

The following spring was symptom free for me—the first in 45 years!  What a blessed relief and how much I now enjoy springtime! Naturally, you can imagine how this experience would change my previously prescribed viewpoint about allergies as well as reshape my nutrition career.

Does this make you wonder about your seasonal allergies?  Could your suffering be optional too?  Is there a list of solvable factors creating stress in your immune system triggering it to overreact to otherwise harmless plant pollens in the air?  Are your symptoms from one or more of these factors?

  • Poor digestion
  • An under or malnourishing diet which does not provide your body with the right raw materials it needs to rejuvenate rapidly and completely?


  • An accumulation of environmental toxins, such as metals and chemicals, including medicines, burdening the liver and kidneys, and contributing to a heightened state of alertness in your immune system?


The beauty of it is that each of these factors can be changed or ameliorated.  If I could eradicate my lifelong allergy symptoms why couldn’t you? Is it time for you to make a change and spring into action?  What better time than Spring for new beginnings?


Cathy Lidster, B.Sc., Health Educator, Holistic Health Practitioner, helps people improve their lives through targeted clinical nutrition and energy-based methodology.  She can be reached at 250-819-9041 or [email protected] or visit

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