9 Choices to Radically Improve Your Health

Did you watch some of the Olympics this past month? Weren’t you inspired by the incredible feats of courage and nearly impossible skills the athletes demonstrated? What most impressed me were the stories of those athletes who suffered severe injuries within the past year, yet with determination and very intentional work, they healed themselves in time to make it to the Games in strong enough shape to vie for and even win the gold.

Impressive also, was the demonstrably strong influence of the more experienced athletes challenging and inspiring the younger, up and coming competitors to meet their standards and go beyond. Aspiring athletes study and focus on success. They do not consider failure.

What if our health care system was to adopt this attitude? Instead of putting our energy into fighting disease, we could focus on winning good health. Mother Theresa summed up this attitude when she refused to participate in an anti-war protest. “Instead” she replied, “when you hold a pro peace rally I will be there.”

Twenty years ago the Spontaneous Remission Bibliography Project was put together by the Institute of Noetic Sciences*. The database studied was compiled of more than 3,500 medically reported cases of seemingly incurable diseases that got better – stage 4 cancers that disappeared, HIV, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, even a gunshot wound to the head – all declared healthy and disease free by ‘unknown causes’ by their doctors.

Following on the heels of this project, Dr Kelly Turner, PhD, researcher and author of Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, spent a decade documenting over 1000 stage 4 cancer cases and conducting in depth interviews to find out exactly what might be the causative factors for such seemingly miraculous healings.

Dr. Turner’s study brought her to believe that healing is indeed a possibility at any time in the disease stage. She also contends that these healings were not in fact “spontaneous” but rather a result of intentional and radical choices made by the patients who overcome their diagnoses. When she compiled the hundreds of methods of healing techniques and practices reported, she found that there were 9 specific lifestyle choices that came up consistently in every interview.

These 9 factors (some of them may surprise you) are that they:

    1. Took control of their health
    2.  Made a radical change in their diet
    3. Included a specific, individualized high quality herb and supplement program
    4. Released suppressed emotions
    5. Increased positive emotions through positive thoughts and actions
    6. Embraced social support from loved ones
    7. Deepened their spiritual connection
    8. Had a strong purpose for living
    9. Followed their intuition

If these 9 lifestyle practices are important for healing and long-term survival, it is wise to consider them important as tools in the prevention of disease. Wouldn’t it make sense if, instead of waiting for cancer or some other debilitating diagnosis to hit us, we considered making similar changes proactively, to support or improve our current state of health?

Truly good health comes about through choice rather than treatment. What’s your choice?

*Noetic sciences study non-western medical approaches such as mind/body healing

Cathy Lidster, B.Sc., GCFP, ACNRT, Health Educator and Holistic Practitioner. She can be reached at [email protected], www.cathylidster.com, or 250-819-9041

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