5 Day Diet Challenge

Fall is an ideal time to assist our bodies in cleanup and recovery from a summer of processed snacks and treats such as ice cream, hotdogs, soft drinks and alcohol.  This year especially, we have the added burden of inhaled pollutants from forest fire smoke to be concerned about.  Many people still have coughs and congestion, itchy eyes and other allergy type symptoms, unusual tiredness, brain fog, crankiness, stiff joints and an overall feeling of unwellness.  These are all classic symptoms of toxicity.

Your body is an excellent waste treatment plant and will indeed repair, replace parts, and replenish with great efficiency if given the raw materials it needs to heal rapidly and completely.  How can we best support this process?

First, Get Outside.  Get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and lots of fun activity to make up for the deficiency of all three this past summer.

Next, cleanup your diet to rest your organs of digestion and elimination and provide them with the tools they need to revitalize. Try this simple 5 Day Detox Challenge.

  • Eat whole, single ingredient foods only. Foods from our local fall harvest such as beets, carrots, cucumbers, squash, kale, spinach, chard and other greens, all support the liver in filtering the toxins and promote healing. Unprocessed meat, fowl and fish are ok.
  • Absolutely no sugar, refined salt, snack foods, energy bars, soft drinks, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, breads, pastas, cookies, candies, cakes or ice cream, processed foods, preservatives or additives of any kind except sea salt and water.
  • Drink filtered water, coconut water, herbal non-caffeinated teas.

Some additional tips:

  • Eat organic, non-GMO, whenever possible to avoid more toxic load
  • Epsom salt baths or infra red saunas will help you relax and sweat out toxins through your skin.
  • Think positive, especially on Day 3 when the caffeine withdrawal hits. If the headache is severe, you may cheat by having 1 tablespoon of caffeinated drink.

By Day 5 you will have jump started your body’s natural detoxification processes and should be beginning to feel better. You may continue if you like.  In our office, we encourage this way of eating for 21 days.  For those who do this, the most notable benefits are more energy and brain power, less pain, weight loss, better sleep, glowing skin….to name a few.

Good Luck!  Feel free to contact me.  I would love to hear about your progress.

Have a Healthy, Happy Equinox!


Cathy Lidster, B.Sc., GCFP, ACNRT, is a local and international Health Educator/Practitioner, Speaker.  You can visit www.cathylidster.com or contact her at cathylidster@gmail.com or 250-819-9041.