Your AMAZING Body and You

Do you identify yourself as and by your body?

Close your eyes for a moment and sense the outside edges of your body.  Now close your eyes again and sense the outside edges of YOU, the Being, not the body.  Are you inside your body or is your body inside of you? The truth is, you are an infinite being, and you have a body. A truly miraculous body.

Your body is a sensate, sensorial organism that is constantly giving you information.  It has an innate intelligence designed to perceive energy like radar. Your body wants to give you the awareness of this energy that is happening all around you.  Have you shut down your ability to be in this awareness?

Take a moment again and sense contraction.  Much of the pain people experience can be an awareness that has been contracted rather than expanded as the fullness of space.

Now sense expansion.  Can you feel a difference?  When you are contracted, your reality is finite and limited.  When you are in the sense of expansion you are living in the state of infinite possibilities.

Did you notice that you got there simply by choice?  It is that easy.  You could choose to live in the awareness of the expanded you, or you could choose to live in the state of contraction. Your body is willing and ready to do what you choose. This ability is a gift from your body to you.  It has no judgement of the choices you make.

On the other hand, the beliefs and judgements you have about your body are sensed and responded to as though by request.  Your body will deliver what it perceives is your wish.  If you judge your body as too fat, skinny, clumsy, unhealthy or limited in any way, it will return that belief as though you have asked for it.

Instead of limiting your body, here is a way you can show appreciation for the gift that it truly is:

Cover your face gently in your hands.  Feel your face receiving your touch and thank your body for being here for you and with you, no matter what.  Thank it for being kind and always willing to put up with whatever you demand from it.  Ask “Body what would you like to look like?  Feel like?  Eat?  Do?”  And then follow up with your body’s request of you.  Do this as a daily practice.

There are many ways you can communicate with our body just as there are many ways it communicates with you.  As you practice the art of asking and then listening to your body, you will get better and so will your life.

Cathy Lidster is a local and international Health Practitioner.  She works with the body’s energy to help people overcome health and emotional challenges, and learn to live in the space of possibilities. You are welcome to visit her website at, email, or phone 250-819-9041.