The human body contains enormous quantities of potential energy. The average adult has 9000kcal of energy stored in each kg of fat.  That’s enough energy to hike half-way across the continent burning 100kcal/hour.

You might be wondering, if I have so much potential energy why do I feel so tired?  Most of us think we need to produce more energy by eating more food when we are tired. But what if we are tired because we are holding back our energy instead of releasing it?

Since energy is everything, here are three tips to help you boost your everything now that spring has sprung.

  1. Catch some rays.
    When light (infrared sun, laser, or LED) strikes the water around your cell membranes, it polarizes and restructures it. As the water in the cells becomes more alkaline, the cell membrane serves as a generator.  That’s why sunlight energizes you.  This is also part of the basis for light therapies.
  2.  Move.
     Your muscles release energy when they work.  Much research is being done on innovative ways to harvest human power to run fitness gyms and dance clubs and even to run our own electronic gadgets.  People who exercise are releasing constrained power and this makes them feel more energized.
  3. Eat lighter and less.
     Now that spring is here nature provides us with lighter, more nutrient dense foods. Spring is a good time to fast a little too.  Just as you spring clean your house and car, your body could use a little cleansing.  Unless you are diabetic, it doesn’t hurt to skip a meal or eat only fruits and vegetables for a day.

To keep it simple, and conserve your time, why not do all three steps at once? Forego the midmorning and late afternoon snacks and instead, take a walk around the block in the sunlight.  You will literally charge your own battery and dazzle the world around you with the sparkle of your energy.  ?