There are many reasons one might feel sad and gloomy these days.  Before you reach for the anti-depressant drugs, you could try these five dietary ideas plus one phenomenally effective energetic technique to help pull you out of the blues in a subtle but steady way.

Dietary Factors:

  • They help catalyze every reaction in the body so when your minerals are in balance, the nervous system is calm and everything works better.  The operative word here is “balanced” so try to avoid isolated, fractionated mineral supplements and start first with loads of green vegetables and fruits, and organic free range meats to provide you with nature’s balance. An example of a calming balanced whole food mineral supplement is one made from cold dried kelp and alfalfa.
  • Fats – Omegas. Cultures that consume plenty of fish have the lowest incidence of depression. If you don’t care for ocean fresh fatty fish (do you like sardines?) find a good source of cod liver or flax oil and have some every day.  Good fats transport minerals to your brain.
  • Nuts and Seeds are a good source of fats and minerals which help to stimulate serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitter), Try brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and sprouted plant seeds like alfalfa and mung.
  • Green tea has an amino acid (L-theanine) that is readily absorbable and supports calming alpha waves in the brain. Add a little Turmeric spice which research shows is an effective anti depressant.  (Always add pepper to this spice as it is essential for assimilation)
  • Balanced B Vitamins found in whole foods, especially animal protein. Buckwheat is a good grain source of B’s and is not yet adversely adulterated by the commercial food industry. Button and Cremini mushrooms are a good source of B’s, minerals and vitamin D.

And finally, why not treat yourself to an Access Consciousness Bars® Session?   

This gentle, profoundly relaxing experience uses 32 points on the head that relate to the build up of negative charge in the brain. This accumulation interferes with the brain’s capacity for positive thinking and optimal function. Recipients report many happy changes such as better sleep, less anxiety, happier thoughts and improved overall health.  How does it get any better than that?

Feeling good starts with nourishing your body and managing your energy. Beat the Blues and Be Well this Winter.

Cathy Lidster, B.Sc., GCFP, ACNRT, ABF has 30 years experience as an Energy Nutrition and Access Bars® Practitioner specializing in allergy clearings and holistic programs to help people get healthy and stay healthy.   Please see ad for contact info, visit or email