A Quest for True Health and Wellness

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.05.12 AMRosella [fictitious name] hated her body. For the past several years she had been fighting her weight with a net gain every year of 5 to 10 lbs and she was now uncomfortably and frustratingly obese. How could this happen, she wondered? She used to take pride in her athletic abilities and personal strength. But now, she felt that she was dragging through her days, just waiting for diabetes, high blood pressure or worse, to inevitably overtake her health and then what would she do? She was getting more and more depressed about her health and her life in general.   She had tried every weight loss fad, pill and exercise regimen that came along and God knows there are tons of programs on the market. But it all seemed like scams since they never seemed to work for her. She had reached overwhelm and just wanted to give it all up. She was just so tired of it all. Then, her hair started falling out. For Rosella, this seemed like adding insult to injury. She had always prided herself on her beautiful shiny auburn hair. And now she was worried about her thyroid. Her doctor wished to put her on Synthroid, but it felt to her that it would be the last step on a slippery slope of decline and she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She knew there must be something else she could do.

An article in the Connector seemed to jump out at her and her intuition told her to follow up on it. She attended a class where she learned that our bodies are incredible healing machines, designed to live in sound health for many decades. Everything the body does is for survival.  She learned that we get in the way of our bodies’ attempts at survival and make it difficult for it to be comfortable, efficient and vibrant in two ways:   a) burdening it with nonfoods and toxicity including stressful thoughts and behaviors, and b) not giving it the raw materials it needs to heal rapidly and completely.

She learned that dieting, and pills (including over the counter, isolated, fractionated vitamins) often created a bigger burden on her body’s resources, thereby doing more harm than good. She learned that expecting a magic bullet and a quick fix through drugs and interventions was extremely stressful to her body. She learned that packaged products are not foods but metabolic burdens to the body. And best of all, she learned that she could actually assess her own body’s exact needs using the techniques and tools of energy medicine.

So Rosella started over. She made a pact to do nothing but kindness to her body. She learned how to pay very close attention to her body’s communication signals and honor them. That meant that if her body did not want to work out strenuously that day, she did not go to the gym and force it mindlessly through repetitive stressful exercise. She began to enjoy a walk in fresh air, a swing in the park, playing tag with children. She learned to say no to friends and relatives pushing foods on her plate that her body did not want.   She learned to accept nutrient dense foods grown out of her neighbor’s garden and buy whole organic foods. She learned patience with her body, especially during times of symptoms like colds or flu, tiredness, or emotional ups and downs. She learned to love her body, acknowledging its strength and ability to get her this far.

It wasn’t always an easy road because habits are hard to change but Rosella sought support when she needed it and she persevered. She has so far lost 48 lbs, is free from medications, looks younger and more alive, and “feels like a million bucks.” My hat is off to Rosella for taking the road less travelled and having it pay off ‘in spades’ for her. And, she wanted her story told so that others might benefit from her experience.


signature_w_heartCathy Lidster, Health Educator, offers free nutrition classes monthly. She can be reached at Centennial Building Wellness Centre, 250-819-9041, www.cathylidster.com, or cathylidster@gmail.com




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