Allergies – Nothing to Sneeze At

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The season of outdoor allergies is upon us. For me this used to mean misery. Perhaps you can relate. I was plagued with sneezing, coughing, weepy, swollen and itchy eyes, etc for 45+ years beginning around age five. The OTC medications would usually knock me out so that I slept away most of the season. I remember getting cottonmouth and having to snack often, which tended to keep my adrenals occupied providing only short-term relief. We called it hay fever but what was it really? As an adult I lived on different continents, in countries and states with different climates and vegetation, yet I could bank on suffering every spring no matter where I lived.

Until my whole life changed. When I created a complete change in my dietary habits, based on findings identified through the Nutrition Response method …voila! More than four decades of allergy symptoms gone forever! And, since clearing up my own health and allergies, I have been so fortunate to be able to help others do the same.

Take Gavin, for instance. A 19-year-old bright, active, otherwise healthy young man. Every hay season, since age four, Gavin would be housebound, vomiting and asthmatic, while his brothers were outside helping their dad with the haying. You can imagine how devastated he was, unable to contribute to the family farm. Early in 2012, Gavin received the Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique. Last summer, I received the following email from his mother:

Here we are in the midst of hay season and I have to share with you what Gavin is feeling. Twice today he has come to me and said, “Mom, it [sic] worked, I can breathe!” So, I thought you’d like to hear that he is baling hay, bucking hay, coming in covered in hay and still breathing it is amazing – he isn’t wheezing and sleeping all the time and throwing up…he’s got energy and loving it all.

The funny thing is Gavin had shown an auto immune response to many other seemingly harmless foods, supplements and environmental things such as cucumbers, vitamins, eggs, dairy, grains, molds, animal dander, car exhaust, trees, actually almost everything I tested! We had to ‘clear’ everything! It blew me away! How can this be? One major symptom, yet so many ‘allergens’? In fact I was so amazed at what this ‘healthy’ boy showed up with in the testing that I thought to myself, “this can’t be right, it’s not logical and therefore won’t work.” But time and again, it does. For seemingly strange symptoms – narcolepsy, acne, pain, arthritis, menopause, rashes, weight loss…

Wide-range auto immune response to harmless foods and environmental elements may not be logical but is a very real phenomenon seen daily in my practice. Thankfully there are tools that help so don’t you give up! For more info, Google Accelerated Allergy Clearing or give me a call. You can thrive through Allergy Season and beyond. What else is possible?



Cathy Lidster, GCFP, NRC, CHC, ABF, HBCE, has been a Health Practitioner/Educator/Coach since 1980. She teaches classes and helps clients experience What Else Is Possible? You can find her at CB Wellness Centre, 153 Seymour Street in Kamloops, and are welcome to drop in for a visit, email, or call 250-819-9041.

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