Magic Bullets or Healthy Nutrition?


I am often asked: “What do you think of the latest new miracle compound (magic bullet)?” Here’s what I know: There are 7 billion humans on the planet. Each of us is one in 7 billion. There are no two people exactly alike – in genetics, epigenetics, ancestry, personal experience, body chemistry, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, character, shape, size… What are the chances of one thing or one size fitting all?

When your neighbour gets a great result from a product she bought at Super Store for her migraines but it doesn’t work at all for your headaches why is that?   Why do different people respond differently to the same treatment? And why do we continue to act as though this is not so?

Our bodies are not only uniquely individual but are divinely designed for one purpose and with one function in mind – survival. So everything your body does is for your survival and is actually not a wrongness. It may be uncomfortable, but it is not an error. Symptoms are adaptive responses. When a plant grows longer stems in order to twist to seek the sun is that a wrongness? When a liver grows extra cells and becomes enlarged in order to increase its capacity to deal with filtering more and more toxins is that a mistake?

When you experience a symptom, do you jump to a conclusion, demand a diagnosis, decide your body has gone wrong, and try to stop the symptom with drugs? What would happen if you asked yourself: “Why is my body responding the way it is?” Look to your habits of eating and lifestyle for clues as to what to change so that you can support your body’s natural healing processes rather than suppress or hinder them?   In honestly asking yourself this question, you may discover you have been under supplying your body with the raw materials it needs to heal rapidly and completely. Your body is a phenomenal healing machine.

Instead of looking for a quick and easy answer (magic bullet) to suppress symptoms, look to whole foods the body can recognize and use. The challenge is to learn how and where to buy healing whole foods and how to prepare them.


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