Why Detox? Part 1

detox 1Never before, in the history of the world, have humans been exposed to such a magnitude of chemicals, toxins and pollutants with devastating effects on our health.

In Way back in 1989 the EPA reported that 6 trillion pounds of chemical toxins were dumped in the U.S. in one year, alone. Can you imagine what havoc we are continuing to wreak on the planet?

Studies show that 100% of adults have synthetic and industrial chemicals like dioxins and PCB’s stored in our bodies.

There are also heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, as well as pesticides, pollutants, pharmaceuticals, plastics and food additives and too many others to list. These are being dumped into our rivers and streams and carried by air currents around the globe.

Polar bears are dying from eating seals who store these toxins in their fat. A recent televised news report stated that “the tissues of the Inuit peoples of Greenland can be classified as toxic waste.”

Your body is divinely designed. It is designed to keep surviving as long as your spirit needs to be here. As such, it will do whatever it can within its design to handle stress and keep you surviving.

With a toxic overload what it must do is store what it cannot get rid of or what substances will cause you harm and death if allowed to be assimilated.

So, where does the body store toxins?

In your fat cells, just like little storage sheds.

Your body is protecting you by building those fat cells around your middle that you can’t seem to get rid of. You know — the flat tire that hangs over your belt even though you have tried every diet aide and get-slim-quick trick in the book.

Your body, in its infinite wisdom will not dump fat cells unless you first get rid of the toxins. In other words, if there isn’t a safe and clear exit route for those toxins, they will stay stored in your fat.

And, if the body does not have the proper tools to transform the toxic substances to a less harmful substance so it can safely leave the body, then it will continue to store it in the fat.

Did you know that the trans fat in a single french fry stays in your body for 102 days? Where do you think it hangs out?

So, to counteract this problem of toxification and fat storage we need to get good nutrients into our bodies, and the toxic substances out.

Many people think that fasting is a way to detoxify.

Well, this will stop the burden train from piling up more stuff temporarily in our bodies, but it often weakens an already starved body and does not help to actually get rid of toxic burden.

You then get extremely hungry and wolf down the nearest high calorie junk food in an attempt to satisfy the craving for energy your body desperately needs.

The best way to detox the body is to provide quality raw materials it needs to clean out the elimination pathways and filter and convert the toxins to water soluble compounds that can be eliminated.


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