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5 Day Diet Challenge

Fall is an ideal time to assist our bodies in cleanup and recovery from a summer of processed snacks and treats such as ice cream, hotdogs, soft drinks and alcohol.  This year especially, we have the added burden of inhaled pollutants from forest fire smoke to be concerned about.  Many people still have coughs and congestion, itchy eyes and other allergy type symptoms, unusual tiredness, brain fog, crankiness, stiff joints and an overall feeling of unwellness.  These are all classic symptoms of toxicity.

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It All Starts in the Mouth

When scientists first discovered microbes as a factor in disease, the initial reaction was fear.  For the next 100 years or so, the prevailing notion was that the only good bacteria are dead bacteria.  We tried to kill all bacteria, using antibiotics in medicine, dentistry, and in our food supply (meat, fish, eggs, and dairy) and even in our cleansers, cosmetics, and toothpastes.

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Your AMAZING Body and You

Do you identify yourself as and by your body?

Close your eyes for a moment and sense the outside edges of your body.  Now close your eyes again and sense the outside edges of YOU, the Being, not the body.  Are you inside your body or is your body inside of you? The truth is, you are an infinite being, and you have a body. A truly miraculous body.

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How Can We Cope With Forest Fire Smoke?

Forest fires throughout the BC interior have exposed us all to health risks from breathing smoky air and many people are concerned about the potential harm to their health.

Humans have been dealing with smoke from fire for eons. As a result, there is a wealth of indigenous information as well as modern science from which to draw advice.

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Sun Smarts for Your Health

Sunshine time is here and like all living things we need it. Much as plants harness the sun’s rays through photosynthesis, our bodies benefit from sun exposure in many ways, probably only some of which we are aware.

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Managing Your Cholesterol

355 million prescriptions for statin drugs were written world wide last year for lowering serum cholesterol to reduce the risk of heart disease. However, heart disease remains the number one killer after decades of statin use.

There is no doubt that statin drugs do lower cholesterol but what if cholesterol is not the risk factor of heart disease we have been taught to fear?

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The human body contains enormous quantities of potential energy. The average adult has 9000kcal of energy stored in each kg of fat. That’s enough energy to hike half-way across the continent burning 100kcal/hour.

You might be wondering, if I have so much potential energy why do I feel so tired? Most of us think we need to produce more energy by eating more food when we are tired. But what if we are tired because we are holding back our energy instead of releasing it?

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Recently a global news agency reported that in a study of 13 modern countries, Canada ranked 3rd for the most sleep deprived. It also stated that 1 in 3 Canadian men are getting only 4 to 6 hours of sleep per night. Canada’s ParticipAction Report card scored poorly with 1 in 3 children testing lethargic from not getting enough sleep. Clearly lack of sleep is epidemic in our society.

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There are many reasons one might feel sad and gloomy these days. Before you reach for the anti-depressant drugs, you could try these five dietary ideas plus one phenomenally effective energetic technique to help pull you out of the blues in a subtle but steady way.

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